Lowongan Kerja Digital Fundraising Specialist

Updated: Mei 19, 2021
Status: Closed

Hutan Itu Indonesia (HII) is a campaign-based organization consisting of people and organizations who want to conserve Indonesia’s forests through campaigns that use positive messages and that inspire real action. The HII movement was initiated on April 22, 2016, in Jakarta. HII welcomes all parties who wish to join, either through collaboration to create joint activities or other initiatives that are in line. HII’s strength lies in the collaboration carried out with a sincere heart and high enthusiasm to develop and implement programs that are fun and with real action. This is an important key to raising awareness that forests play a role in the lives of all Indonesian people and building a sense of belonging to Indonesia’s forests. The HII targets touch awareness and increasing interest, especially urban youth aged 17-35 years, in terms of (i) The value of Indonesia’s forests; and (ii) Practical ways to contribute to protecting Indonesia’s forests. HII focuses on campaigns as part of the stakeholder’s ecosystem in terms of bridging forest conservationists in the field with urban communities as educational targets to increase awareness and interest in taking action to protect Indonesia’s rainforests.

To achieve this target and continue to strengthen awareness, the HII is planning several strategic programs this year involving organizations and communities in several major cities in Indonesia. Information about HII programs and activities can be checked on the website https://hutanitu.id/. To ensure that HII’s campaign programs and activities, as well as collaborative partnerships, can be implemented effectively and in accordance with the target impact of protecting Indonesia’s forests, HII requires a strong and effective fundraising function. Therefore, in 2021, HII opens a fundraising unit that focuses on several funding channels, especially digital channels such as public funding, community partnerships, private and institutional funding as well as crowdfunding. For this reason, HII needs a Digital Fundraiser Specialist who will be in charge of developing a portfolio and funding targets through digital channels.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

Digital Fundraiser Specialist is responsible for developing and maintaining potential donors especially on individual support, including digital and crowdfunding channels. This position requires technical skills related to marketing and fundraising, but also strong communication skills due to the position of working closely with various stakeholders and public communications. Being a Digital Fundraiser Specialist helps to identify new potential donors and organizes initiatives to solicit funding.

The Digital Fundraiser will work with the Fundraising Coordinator and another team within the HII Daily Team with the following scope of work:
1. Implementing HII’s digital fundraising strategy as well as an annual work plan to get new supporters/ donors through digital various channels on crowdfunding and individual support.
2. Provide support and work with supporters, other Daily Team, Consultants, and the HII Core Team in developing and updating digital fundraising strategies.
3. Ensure that lead generation and lead conversion activities for fundraising from channels are coordinated with other retention and acquisition activities, perform as high as possible, and maximize return on investment.
4. Coordinate and work closely with the digital/ social media unit that can feed into the broader social media strategy. Coordinate the implementation of fundraising’s use of social media, ensuring an integrated and consistent plan across teams.
5. Provide ideas and input for developing fundraising management and developing partnerships to improve fundraising performance.

Syarat Pengalaman :
Has more than 2 years of experience doing digital fundraising or marketing, experience in non-governmental organizations would be a plus. Have experience managing projects and also have knowledge and understanding of the NGO sector.
Keahlian :

The qualifications required are:
1. A Bachelor’s degree from any major, but from an Economy, Communication or Marketing major would be a plus.
2. Has digital marketing training and the ability to operate web-related software including but not limited to experience in segmenting audiences, analyzing and tracking data, CRM management, email marketing, social media ads, social media management, knowledge, and experience of raising public funds online. Aside from that such as Mail Chimp or Getresponse, design applications and know technically how crowdfunding donation pages in Indonesia.
3. Has good ability to use office software such as office software in terms of making reports and presentations.

Kualifikasi :

Personal Qualities
1. Have integrity, are honest, and uphold organizational ethics.
2. Have an understanding of the workflow of a non-profit organization.
3. Able to take own decisions and initiatives.
4. Can act as a team player and facilitate group work.
5. Promote open communication within the team and communicate effectively.
6. Able to create synergy through restraint and empathy.
7. Able to resolve conflicts.
8. Believe in the spirit of learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the practice of learning from one another.
9. Upholding transparency and well-informed decision-making.

Waktu Bekerja :
40 jam per minggu
Jenis Pekerjaan :
Remote (Work From Home)

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Hutan Itu Indonesia adalah gerakan terbuka yang percaya akan kekuatan pesan-pesan positif untuk menumbuhkan rasa cinta kepada hutan Indonesia yang sangat berpengaruh pada kehidupan kita. Kami percaya semua orang bisa berkontribusi untuk menjaga hutan, dan dengan kolaborasi, kita bisa mendorong adanya perlindungan hutan yang lebih baik untuk kita dan masa depan Indonesia. Visi: Menjadi identitas utama bangsa Indonesia yang hidup harmonis dengan hutan. Misi: Menggunakan pesan positif, meningkatkan kesadaran semua orang, khususnya yang tinggal jauh dari hutan, tentang kekayaan hutan Indonesia dan mengajak orang untuk berkontribusi dalam usaha menjaga hutan.