Lowongan Kerja Baker PT Alfa Muda Sejahtera, Kendari

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Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :
Posted Date: Juli 2, 2020 Updated: Agustus 12, 2020

1. Able to perform quality control and reject inferior products
2. Organize and maintain work station and storage areas clean and free of pest
3. Assist to pack and store raw materials and finished products
4. Able to work efficiently at all workstations to cope with production demand

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

1. Manages all day-to-day operations of bakery section of the kitchen
2. Prepare a wide variety of goods such as cakes, cookies, bread etc, following traditional and 3. modern recipes
4. Coordinates activities of cooks and workers engaged in food preparation
5. Check quality of raw an cooked food products to ensure standards
6. Maintain cleanliness and organization in all work areas
7. Guide and motivate baker assistants to work more efficiently

Syarat Pengalaman :
At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
Keahlian :

1. Able to produce all baked goods
2. Able to develop, designs, or creates new idea in bakery industry

Kualifikasi :

1. Candidate must possess at least Diploma Degree in Hospitality/Tourism or equivalent
2. Preferably Non-Executives specializing in Manufacturing/Production Bakery Operations or equivalent.
3. Possess basic bakery product knowledge
4. Possess basic knowledge on bakery arts and production workflow
5. Completed WSQ Basic Food Hygiene & orientation, basic kitchen training.
6. Preferably Supervisor/Coordinator specialized in Food/Beverage

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT Alfa Muda Sejahtera is a company that engages in the food and beverage industry with the main business scope of selling and distribution bread and catering, including but not limited to various types of bread, load bread, filled bread, snack box and hot meal. This company was established in 2007 and started from home industry under the name Fresh House. Fresh House is one of the company brands that sells and distributes to whole cities and districts in South East Sulawesi starting from Indomaret, Alfamidi and other supermarkets and also cooperates with Aerofood in serving inflight catering services for Garuda Indonesia.