Lowongan Kerja Senior PHP Programmer

Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :
Posted Date: April 1, 2021

We’re looking for someone with plenty of experience and drive to get things done. We’re looking for a well-rounded developer, simply writing good code isn’t enough. We want someone who can think about creative solutions to complex problems and be opinionated about product decisions. We move fast and encourage breaking things to build them better!

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

• Develop full stack web application
• 3rd Party Service Integration
• Create and deliver program flowchart document
• Evaluate and test produced code
• Deliver API and code documentation

Syarat Pengalaman :
Have knowledge of IT platform
Keahlian :

Soft Skill
• High analytical thinking
• High adaptability with dynamic working environment
• Hard willing and high self-improvement desire
• High responsibility character
• Having structural, readable, future adaptability, and backward compatibility mindset
• Can work under pressure due to tight project deadline
• Work result defines who you are – Mindset
• Special: Ready to work on-site and in-house

Technical Skill
• Expert on PHP 7.x programming
• Expert on PHP framework (Laravel, and Lumen)
• Strong understanding of microservice architecture (Service Oriented)
• Able to create program flowchart diagram
• Good knowledge using SQL database especially PostgreSQL
• Strong skill on HTML, CSS, and ECMAScript 6
• Able to produce semantic API and Code document
• Good experience using some frontend frameworks

Kualifikasi :

• Visual Studio Code or Jetbrains PHPStorm IDE
• PHP 7.x or newer with appropriate PSR
• PostgreSQL Database
• Versioning and Code Collaboration Tool (Gitlab)
• Diagramming Tool (Microsoft Visio)

Tunjangan :


Waktu Bekerja :
08.00 – 17.00 WIB, Monday to Friday

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Locator Logic is a company that provides a platform to support business activities, starting from expansion planning to business optimisation based on geographic position.