PT. Porsi Inovasi Indonesia

PT. Porsi Inovasi Indonesia
Deskripsi Perusahaan:

We are a newly-established, app-based startup focusing in food categories. We believe that food is one of most essential needs for humans. Therefore we want to change or add values on the way Indonesian people perceive, find, shop, receive, and delight the food. As our motto "Food. More", we are more than just providing the food ingredients through an app. We are offering a better experience for our customers to enjoy the food through community, social, crowdsourcing, and customers locking system concepts. Although currently we are still focusing in fresh groceries delivery, cooking package, snack parcels, and market place for baking stores, we will quickly expand our business into other categories. Therefore, we are looking for candidates who are able to follow our fast-pace business with can-do attitude and winning mindset.

Raya Sutorejo Prima Indah PD 18/19, Surabaya, East Java, 60113, Indonesia

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