indo hose

indo hose
Deskripsi Perusahaan:

indo hose was established on June 1, 1998 in Bandung and engaged in selling sewing machines. Company grew to a child branch in Jakarta on September 1, 2002 followed two other cities are Semarang and Tuntang. We are professional and experience in supply the well known brands of garment machinery in the territories of Indonesia. All our Product manufactured from Japan, China, USA, Taiwan and Other Countries. Now indo hose offers a variety of sewing machines and a leading system in the process of garment production in the field. We always provide the best solutions to problems that arise in the production process.

Jl. Griya Utama Komplek Puri Mutiara Blok A No.65, jakarta utara, DKI Jakarta, 14350, Indonesia

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