Posted Date: 2019-06-13
Closing Date: 2019-08-12

Traders are required to apply their financial knowledge of securities markets to trade on behalf of PT. DCI. They evaluate economic data and determine adequate values for securities on financial markets. They also evaluate economic trends using statistical tools to identify price levels and risks for securities in which PT. DCI is interested. They also team up with other professionals such as research analysts, portfolio managers, and assistant traders in order to check investment opportunities for a firm.

Traders perform many of the following tasks:
• Predicting success or failure of securities.
• Analyzing market conditions.
• Performing calculations.
• Investing on behalf of their customers.
• Counseling clients.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

• Technically analyze the market
• Provide a roadmap for clients
• Provide advice in preparing investment plans to clients
• Analyze and conduct capital market research and derivatives through a technical perspective
• Make articles about Financial Market

Syarat Pengalaman :
At least 2 years experience as a capital market analyst or an active trader
Keahlian :

• Confidence
• Numerical skills
• IT skills
• Communication skills
• An interest in financial markets
• Analytical skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Teamworking skills.

Kualifikasi :

• Have a strong technical analysis base
• Have a vast macroeconomic and microeconomic knowledge
• Holders of CAT, CTA, CFTe, CSA certification
• Ability to communicate well
• Fluent in English

Waktu Bekerja :
Jam 08.00 – 18.00, Senin – Jumat

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PT DECENT CORE INDONESIA (DCI) is a company engaged in Information Technology field. Cooperating closely with top investment funds and incubators, PT. DCI is dedicated to building an ecosystem upon its proprietary blockchain technology to help developers and businesses adapt to a decentralized future, especially within the media and entertainment industries.