IT Network Engineering (Mikroktik atau CCNA) Valdo Sumber Daya Mandiri

Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :

Membuat dan Merencanakan Topologi Network yang Diminta Perusahaan Serta Bertanggung Jawab Atas Instalasinya

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

– Setup dan Maintenance Server
– Setup dan Maintenance Jaringan Network
– Konfigurasi Awal Mikrotik atau Perangkat Cisco

Syarat Pengalaman :
Pengalaman minimal 1 Tahun di Bidang yg dibutuhkan atau Memiliki Sertifikat Training CCNA/Mikrotik (Minimal Training)
Keahlian :

– Mikrotik/CCNA
– Bisa Merancang dan Membaca Topologi Network

Kualifikasi :

1. Pria
2. Minimal Pengalaman 2 Tahun
3. Mengerti Setup & Maintenance Server
4. Mengerti Setup & Maintenance Networking
5. Mampu Mendesain Topologi Network
6. Paham Routing & Switching
7. Mengerti Perangkat Cisco atau Mikrotik
8. Mikrotik atau CCNA (Minimal Serifikat Training)

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Valdo Inc. is a Six Sigma Managed Service Company founded in 2002, focusing to help businesses manage and re-engineer business processes using the right technology as an accelerator enabling the business process to maximize revenue, contain cost, and manage risks. We have been trusted by many multinational and national financial institutions to support and help them improve their business process performances, either through management services or consultancy arrangements. Our team, from the management down to frontliners possess the capabilities and experiences to manage end-to-end Financial Services Business Process. We are also supported by an excellent IT and analytics team. Valdo Inc. has established itself to be the leading Integrated Six Sigma Managed Service Company delivering high value services to completely satisfying our client's needs profitably, either through advisory or managed service to multinational and national companies in Indonesia. We help your business to focus on the core competency which generate the bottom line profit and not to be hassled by supporting activities of the business.