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We are always on the lookout for young talent. Bonus points if you have relevant experience in graphic design and marketing.

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Desain grafis

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Desain Grafis

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We live in the modern era where everything is possible, and GoWork understands it just well. Whether you are looking for a creative spot for inspiration or you simply want to get involved in the busy ad creative atmosphere, you can always contact them. As one of the providers for coworking office or space, they have the right options of various different spots. Depending on your personal preference and also budgets, you should be able to find the right location for your professional needs.

A shared office provides a lot of benefits in terms of social interactions and different working setting. If you have been stuck for quite a while in the traditional office, with its plain and boring situation, you may find the coworking space as something refreshing, new, and also exciting. If you think that coworking space is only for individual freelancers, you are wrong. Such a spot is often hired by companies so their employees can explore new creativity and ideas, especially when they are dealing with a special and important project. You can say that every professional worker can take the benefits from such a place, and this is why GoWork is ready with some of the best options.

Renting a shared office is easy, and you are given a lot of different options. You want to rent it daily or weekly? You are thinking about renting it for monthly basis? Feel free to do everything! Whether you want to have an ‘ordinary’ desk or a dedicated one, it is up to you. Of course, the payment for a dedicated desk will be pricier because the spot is reserved only for you. It gives you a direct access to the same spot every time you want to use it but it will worth the spending. Consult GoWork for more info and to find out how to register.