The Finance Manager will support FILANTROPI INDONESIA by maintaining the financial systems and controls to ensure the efficiency, integrity and transparency of the organization’s operations in accordance with national legal requirements, and internationally accepted accounting standards. The Finance Manager will ensure that all of the organization’s financial systems comply with national legal legislation and Health and Safety regulations.

It is essential that the candidate has a professional qualification from a recognized National or International NGO with substantial experience in a finance related role, with essential skills and knowledge of finance related compliance requirements of institutional donors.

FILANTROPI INDONESIA is committed to ensuring diversity value across our program portfolios.

1. To maintain financial systems and controls to ensure the efficiency, integrity and transparency of the organization’s operations in accordance with FILANTROPI INDONESIA guidelines, national legal requirements and internationally accepted accounting standards.
2. To ensure all accounting records and supporting documentation for all financial transactions are maintained in a systematic order and in a safe and secure condition under the custody of the organisation.
3. To provide FILANTROPI INDONESIA with complete, accurate and timely financial reports, including institutional donor reports where required for all projects implemented, in the required formats.
4. To maintain accurate and effective financial controls on all transactions incurred by the organization as part of project implementation and other related costs.
5. To maintain effective control over cash and bank (ensure that cash in hand and bank reconcile with accounting records). Ensure that the organization funds are well managed and that adequate funds are available to meet the organisation’s responsibility.
6. To provide quarterly and where required monthly financial reports.
7. To assist and support the Program Manager and Executive Director in ensuring that field expenditures meet FILANTROPI INDONESIA and institutional donor requirements and remain within the approved plans and budgets.
8. To assist and support the Program Manager and Executive Director in the preparation of budgets for project proposals and annual budgets.
9. To ensure the effective and efficient working of budgetary, accounting, reporting and internal control systems for the organization.
10. To liaise with external auditors, government, and banks regularly.
11. To manage and undertake internal audits of the organization including implemented projects.

1. Ensure that FILANTROPI INDONESIA use and comply with the guidelines and national Health and Safety regulations while ensuring to maintain a good working environment in all workplaces/offices.
2. To ensure procurement is conducted according to FILANTROPI INDONESIA’s standards as well as donor agency requirements.
3. To ensure that adequate measures are in place to safeguard the assets of the organisation.
4. To ensure that contracts, leases and other agreements are properly prepared and updated so as to meet agency needs; including fair and reasonable commitments from service vendors; and to comply with legal obligations.

1. To identify the needs and support development of staffs and partners to increase their competence in preparation of financial reports, donor financial reports in line with donor reporting requirements.
2. To participate in the recruitment, selection and induction of new finance staff.
3. To train staff and partners in budget preparation and monitoring.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

The Finance Manager’s main areas of responsibility will include the following:
1. To provide accurate and punctual financial management, reports and forecasts on the organisation’s income and expenditure, empowers and builds the capacity of the organization to manage funds effectively and efficiently, meeting international standards and the standards of the FILANTROPI INDONESIA donor agencies.
2. To manage the organization’s finance and administration.
3. To ensure the development of an efficient, clear and transparent Finance Division, responsible for the creation of planning, coordination, day to day financial management, reporting and development of the FILANTROPI INDONESIA’s finance related operation.

Syarat Pengalaman :
Experienced of min. 5 years in NGO finance management
Keahlian :

Familiar with Financial Software for NGO e.g SANGO, Myob, Excel, etc

Kualifikasi :

1. Ideal candidate will have bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance, or other relevant fields with proven professional experience of min. 5 years in NGO finance management;
2. Excellent communication skills with the ability to present financial matters to non-financial managers;
3. Ability to manage and supervise finance and non-finance staff, think strategically, and has a good computer literacy skill;
4. Experience in philanthropic sector is preferred;
5. Experience and proven ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders’ officials;
6. Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a fast-paced office environment, both independently and as part of a team;
7. Excellent inter-personal communication skills, including the ability to encourage collaboration with members, other programs, and partners;
8. Ability to work with limited supervision and work under pressure; Ability to think creatively and collaboratively about all elements of finance work;
9. Adaptable to rapidly changing priorities and able to manage multiple deadlines and deliver high quality work products;
10. Fluency in both Bahasa Indonesia and English;

Tunjangan :

Health Allowance, Transportations, etc

Waktu Bekerja :
Senin – Jumat

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

FILANTROPI INDONESIA was founded in 2003; it was initiated by individuals and nonprofit organizations who were involved in the Strengthening Philanthropy Initiative network in Indonesia. They agreed to continue and institutionalize their activities together in an association.

FILANTROPI INDONESIA is an independent nonprofit organization, established to enhance the philanthropy activities in Indonesia, which aims to contribute to social justice and sustainable development programs. FI was founded by individuals and nonprofit organizations, who since 2003 have taken steps to develop a network called Initiatives for Philanthropy Empowerment in Indonesia. They agreed to continue the work and put the activities into an organization for an independent and not-for-profit purpose. The association was established to accommodate interests from philanthropy stakeholders, from the donors, intermediary, or recipients of gifts; all done in a spirit of partnership, equality, plurality, justice, philanthropy universalism, and Indonesian identity.