Finance Cost Controller LYD Bali Group

As a finance cost controller, you will work collaboratively with various department managers to analyze costs, assess vendor relationships, and maximize profitability. To succeed in this position, you will demonstrate an aptitude for efficiency, problem solving, and resourcefulness, with a deep commitment to the bottom line without compromising quality.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

• Work in conjunction with all department heads to ensure maximum profitability
• Provide critical assessment of all budgets and cost projections
• Assess all incoming products, resources, and services to ensure the best price
• Maintain vendor and service provider relationships
• Remain acutely aware of market trends that could impact resource costs
• Keep up to date on new vendors and possible cost-cutting partnerships
• Analyze invoices to ensure correct products/services were received at expected cost
• Collaborate with department heads to strategize ways to minimize waste
• Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of interdependency of cost drivers
• Understand the entire arc of the business and how productivity impacts profitability
• Commit to maximizing efficiency at all levels without compromising quality
• Develop and implement proactive solutions and cost-cutting measures
• Present new strategies and assessments to stakeholders in a compelling fashion
• Educate and persuade stakeholders to procure buy in and cooperation
• Roll out clear cost-saving programs with timelines and assessment goals

Syarat Pengalaman :
Minimal 4 years experience in similar position
Keahlian :

• Must be self-motivated and possess a high degree of analytical ability and confidentiality, creative thinking skills, and work in a safe, prudent and organized matter.
• Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
• Solid networking and interpersonal skills
• Able to generate budgets and reports
• Strong presentation skills, able to explain concepts concisely and accurately
• Able to develop strong, cooperative relationships with department heads

Kualifikasi :

Expenditure management, good compliance

Tunjangan :

Meal allowance, health and employement insurrance

Insentif :

service charge

Waktu Bekerja :
Mon-Fri 08.00- 17.00, Sat 08.00-14.00

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From the instantly recognisable splashes of colour at La Plancha, to the distinctly unique La Favella, the conceptually stunning La Laguna or the jaw dropping La Sicilia, the LYD Bali Group aims to captivate and enthral you.

Each of our breathtaking locations source only the finest produce locally and from around the world to ensure every exquisite creation from each of our menu’s dances on your palate. We offer the creme de la creme of dining options from informal sunset bites to romantic fine dining experiences .

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