Lowongan Kerja Sekertaris CEO merangkap Admin PT Barless Darya Aguna Barikan

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Industri :
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Posted Date: Januari 9, 2020 Updated: Maret 27, 2020

PT BARLESS DARYA AGUNA BARIKAN sedang mencari SEKERTARIS untuk Branch Director Bandung yang memiliki semangat kerja dan ketekunan. Dibutuhkan staff dengan kapabilitas untuk dapat berpikir cepat dan mengikuti sistem yang sudah berjalan untuk meningkatkan efektifitas output cabang serta meringankan beban pekerjaan administratif dari Branch Director.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

– Posting Social Media
– Handle Online Shop
– Mengatur jadwal meeting
– Melakukan pembukuan

Syarat Pengalaman :
Fresh Graduate
Keahlian :

– Memahami social media
– Memahami sistem online shop
– Microsoft Excel

Kualifikasi :

Wanita usia 18-24
Memiliki semangat belajar
Tertarik pada dunia online advertising
Bersedia bekerja overtime
Memiliki karakter sebagai berikut:
– Professional
– Creative
– Joyful
– Diligent
– Social
– Independent
– Team player

Tunjangan :

– Uang makan

Insentif :

Tidak disediakan uang lembur

Waktu Bekerja :
Jam 9 s/d 17, Senin – Sabtu

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Deskripsi Perusahaan

Social Media Management Service
? Photography
? Videography
✒ Copywriting
? Graphic Design
? OnlineShop Management
? Marketing Strategy
Barless Online Advertising is a content management service that provides social media post daily. We strive to become the best content creator by marketing our clients through high quality, personal and relevant post with added value. We value humble beginnings and people who love to learn, which is why we want to take part in growing young professional creators. Our main goal is to grow talented individuals with passion in their specific skills!

The number of people going active on social media is increasing every year. A staggering number of account is being created every second with potential target market as its user. An opportunity you cannot miss as a brand owner. We want to help you, this is how.

We in Barless Online Advertising understand what matters most, that's you and your brand. Values, ideas and style that you incorporate into your brand builds up most of its identity, these are the kinds of things that basically makes you, you. With this in mind, everything we do will be focused on representing your values in fresh new ideas on the social media, in a stylish way.

We believe that your brand stands for something more than just a name. Don't worry, people will get to know its values, ideas and style in a freshly informative yet friendly way.

You can find thousands of accounts filled with high-quality amazing photos in social media nowadays, we understand that you want one of them to be yours. Of course it will! However we would like to offer you something more that will put life into those great pictures. A flavor, a preference, a taste, a personality if you will. Each content will be created in an interesting and relatable manner in order to create a presentable social media for your brand. This will gather up your followers as well as increase your sales. Simply put: a relevant, lively and interesting content filled with facts, current trend and lifestyle all in one, ALL the time! You may already have a preference in your color tone or style for your brand, or you may not. Either way, we are more than excited to help you find the perfect one. We will help until you get it "right." Here in Barless Online Advertising, we embrace a consistent diversity! We will provide a complete service as a solution for your social media branding from profiling, planning, picture gathering, caption writing, uploading, maintaining and evaluating!

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