Lowongan Tata Boga PT. Agar Swallow

Level Pekerjaan :
Industri :
Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :

1. Melakukan rutinitas pengecekan hasil produksi
2. Melakukan rutinitas pemasakan produk untuk dicek
3. Mengerti tata boga

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

1. Bertanggung jawab mengenai prosedur pemasakan hasil produksi
2. Mengerti tata cara prosedur tata boga
3. Dapat memahami kirteria masak/tata boga

Persyaratan Pengalaman :

Pengalaman minimal 1 tahun di bidang Tata Boga

Keahlian :

Diisi dengan keahlian yang dibutuhkan, contoh :
– Menguasai Sistem ERP
– Menguasai Microsoft Office
– Dll

Kualifikasi :

– Wanita,
– Usia 20 – 35 tahun
– Jujur dan teliti
– Menyukai tantangan
– Memiliki pemikiran “Out of the box”
– disiplin yang baik

*Penempatan di Gajah Mada, Jakarta

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT. Agar Swallow is an Indonesian company with experience of more than twenty five (25) years engaged in the processing of gracilaria and cottonii types of seaweed into edible seaweed flour and jelly flour. We have produced flour with a capacity of 60 tons/month to be produced in a factory located in Citeureup, Bogor Regency, Indonesia.

To produce edible seaweed product and jelly of good quality is the philosophy of our management by using the latest technology, modern equipment, trained and educated workers and cooperation with a team of specialist in this field. We produce edible seaweed and jelly with high gel elasticity, textured solidity, not containing preservatives, not using food hardening agents so that it is safe to be consumed by anyone of all ages.

Our product may be used as material for breads, drinks, daily products, confectionaries, etc. We are proud with this product of advantage, because our edible seaweed and jelly have complied with world standard, so that its marketing has also been conducted evenly beginning from the nation until Asia, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, etc.

Our ideals are always giving the best quality and services to all our customers wherever they are.