Lowongan Senior iOS &/or Android Programmer, Developer Tapiver

Level Pekerjaan :
Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :

Senior developer who will helping helping to develop and maintain mobile application.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

• Develop and maintain iOS &/ Android mobile app
• Have a voice in workflow processes, technical review, team meeting and discussion
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features. This will include advanced coding that will stretch your potential.
• Conduct code review and testing
• Work remotely when required

Syarat Pengalaman :
2 years in programming
Keahlian :

Swift, objective c, java

Kualifikasi :

We are looking for individual who is self-motivated always seek self-improvement .

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

We are a Singapore-based startup that allows consumers to browse and shop at physical retailers on their smartphones. We are a close-knitted international team who are smart and extremely hardworking. 

We are Tapiver – You Tap, We Deliver. Our company aims to change the way people do online shopping. We want consumers to be able to shop overseas anywhere, for e.g. Singapore or Korea without even booking an air ticket. We want customers to feel as though they are really browsing and shopping in real physical stores.  If this vision excites you, let’s get in touch.