Industri :
Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :

PT. Anugrah Cipta Komunikasi Media – Iklan Media Luar Ruang

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

Mencari klien
Melakukan presentasi kepada klien
Membuat laporan bulanan
Melakukan maintenance hubungan baik dengan klien

Persyaratan Pengalaman :

Pengalaman min 2 th

Keahlian :

Berpanampilan menarik.
Memiliki pengatahuan dan pengalaman dibidang marketing Advertising.
Mampu berbahasa inggris aktif dan Pasif.
Loyal cermat dan teliti serta mempunyai disiplin yang tinggi.
Memiliki jaringan atau data base yang luas.

Kualifikasi :

Pria – Wanita

Benefit / Tunjangan :

Insentif / Kompensasi :

Waktu Bekerja

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

Hobby and interest. Those were the main reasons, and still deeply are, why AndreasFK started engaging himself in the business of media placement. In 1994 he founded A-Comm; and from that point on he has been indulging himself with learning and exploring new methods in his work.

A number of breakthroughs have been achieved by AndreasFK. In 1995 -working together with another agency- he blanketed the Bali Bank building in the heart of Jakarta with a 1,000 m2 banner. The first building advertising in Indonesia.

In the economic crisis of 1998, he came up with the idea of using escalators and elevators as media placement. This innovative thinking of his brought a transfusion of financial supply into his agency.

AndreasFK is kind to share his knowledge with people by often conducting seminars and training regarding Event and Branding management, Advertising Efficiency and Creative Strategy, as well as in-house training.

In today’s budget-oriented business, AndreasFK believes that not everything comes with high price. Advertising, media placement in particular, can be conducted with less cost, without sacrificing the quality of work, limiting the area of coverage, nor minimizing the alternatives.

And, he brings together communications and consulting. Andreas FK Advertising Consultant. There is to be a trustworthy business partner. Turning your advertising expenses into gold ...