Content Development Intern at PT EKRUT TEKNOLOGI PASIFIK

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Are you someone who appreciates language highly? Do you feel your skin crawl when you find typos, grammatical errors or ambiguous sentences?

While others might tell you to relax and let some mistakes slip as long as the readers understand what the text is about, EKRUT wants to embrace that talent and make use of it for a greater good. They know that what people tell you makes your skin crawl even more.

EKRUT is a tech-based company that helps talents in Indonesia to find their dream jobs and make them rewarded equally. Hence, it is extremely important for them to provide content that attracts suitable talents and satisfy clients.

Just like the title of this position, your main role during this internship will be to develop the quality of job description content provided by the clients. You will analyze the content, summarize, and fix (in case there is any error). If the information is not enough, you will conduct research of your own until the content meet the set standards, properly written in English.

Are you ready to take action in respecting text and language like you say you are? Come join EKRUT now!

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

What is EKRUT?

EKRUT is a tech-based company that helps talents in Indonesia to find their dream jobs and make them rewarded equally. These high-quality talents will be connected to reputable companies automatically in the system after they completing their profiles. On the other side, companies will be able to have information about the best talents fast and accurately.

Newly established in 2016, the culture of EKRUT is work hard and extremely fast. They are young, spirited, fun, yet talented professionals—this will be the new generation of professional millennials. Currently, EKRUT is inviting young, dedicated individuals like you to join the team and participate in this fast-growing startup.

What will you do at EKRUT?
-Analyze and summarize content in proper written English.
-Breakdown content and its derivatives.
-Gather information from different sources.

Syarat Pengalaman :
Last year student from a reputable university
Keahlian :

-Content Strategy
-Data Entry
-Content Writing

Kualifikasi :

-Student from a reputable university
-Positive work-hard attitude
-Super fast in getting things done
-Excellent writing in English
-High attention to detail
-Knowledge of programming language is a plus

Waktu Bekerja :
09.00 – 18.00, Monday to Friday