Opening positions for Junior Website Developer Xolluteon

Level Pekerjaan :
Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :

A growing start up national company with worldwide market (Hongkong and Vancouver Canada) is

opening positions for Junior Website Developer. We are looking for dynamic and proactive with high

passion in website technology person to fill in the position.

If you’re interested in joining a fast growing with a creative environment company, then join us.

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

– Making sure that code you push to versioning system is bug free as best as possible.

– Applying fixes upon bug report or review process, until it’s valued or marked as “Ready” for

production phase.

– Meeting timeline, or deadline established.

– Perform backups and any other prevention steps to make sure the application is well maintained

and managed.

– Listening and open to critics to better perform your Main Responsibilities.

– Always come to office on time, and start working as soon as you reach the office.

Persyaratan Pengalaman :

Min Bachelor degree in Computer Science, or have more than 2 years experience in web development.

Keahlian :

– Converting designs in the form of PSDs or HTML templates to:

HTML templates, with and not limited containing:
Style files (CSS, SCSS, SASS).
HTML files.
Javascript files (JS, JQUERY)
Images or pictures as needed.
Font files.
Robot.txt, .htaccess, and other (dot) files as needed.
Other necessary files.
HTML code output for implementation to a PHP framework.
WordPress theme files, with the structure as per standard WordPress codex.

– Building website app, or websites, or mobile applications with desired framework on any
programming (server side and client side) language as needed by the company, or required by clients, or agreed upon quotation process, or as per the most possible solution to meet the needs of the project individually or as member of a team.

– Documenting code output, including versioning system using git, or mercurial, or SVN.

– Combining, or implementing, or conjuncting HTML output with server side engine, or framework, or programming with OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to produce dynamic content for website app, or websites, or mobile applications.

– Working on/with APIs, or callbacks, or data feeds, or json with any format such as but not limited to: REST, XML, RSS, or Java.
Provide, or make sure the supporting elements of a website is working, or implemented, or tested to work, or ready to use such as but not limited to: contact forms, login system, and others as needed.

– Working on/with database such as but not limited to: MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLServer, mongoDB, or NOSQL.

– Preparing or starting up a server environment in UNIX, or LINUX, or Windows Server Operating System (OS) through cPanel, or Amazon Web Service Elastic Cloud Computing (AWS EC2), or CLI panel .

Kualifikasi :


Male or Female, max 35 years old.

Minimum Bachelor degree in Computer Science, or have more than 2 years experience in web development.

Good with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (jQuery and jQuery UI)

Fluent in CSS framework twitter bootstrap

Familiar with REST API callback model

Familiar with at least one of these mobile frameworks: PhoneGap, or Apache Cordova

Have experience working with one or more of these frameworks is preferable: Laravel, Angular.js, Symphony, or React (with database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, or mongoDB).

Understand the working flow of GIT versioning system, and know how to use it.

Able to work in a team and have a good communication skill.

Minimum fluent in writing and reading in English, preferable communicate in English.

Able to work with tight deadlines, and dynamic working environment.

Live in Semarang, or can work in Semarang, Indonesia.