We are looking to hire one Senior Developer and one recently graduated Developer both with experience in JavaScript developments. We will only hire those who share the same passion in helping others.

Both roles are full-time. Each role will be working very closely with our Technical Advisor and also a group of product strategists & designers.

We’re looking to interview by end of this week. We make very quick decisions if we like you and you like us back. Please send your resume!

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

We only want:
1) People who are self-aware & great to work with (we have a strict no-jerks-policy & a very unique culture)
2) People who always want to lead a purposeful life & find meaning to what they do
3) People who can hustle, are resourceful, and are rockstars at problem-solving
4) This is obvi a startup, so we want entrepreneurial folks, not corporate drones
5) For the senior role: people who have led teams before

If you pass all of the above, when you work with us, you will:
1) Go to bed at night knowing that you’re doing the right thing with your life
2) Work with a team who cares about your general happiness index, (note: our average for the team’s Weekly Happiness Index is above 9 out of 10, consistently for the last 8 weeks, per Sept 2015). We really measure this stuff.
3) Work in Senopati/SCBD area, come as you please
4) Eat snacks, hang out at our play room, and meditation space
5) Receive other perks & benefits, including sports/health allowance

We don’t want:
1) People who lack compassion, kindness, and purpose in life
2) People haters (or animal haters or plant haters)

Persyaratan Pengalaman :

Minimum experienced 3 yrs for Senior and fresh graduate for Junior

Keahlian :

Let’s get some technical reqs out of the way:

1) You have built several applications using a substantial amount of javascript on the front end, either using well organized vanilla javascript or frameworks like backbone.js and angular.js
>>> This means that you’re able to articulate the differences between different front end frameworks used

2) You have built several applications using backend frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django or Node.js
>>> Again, this means that you’re able to articulate the limitations and benefits of any frameworks used

3) You have built several applications using SQL or No-SQL database systems
>>> And it will only make sense then, that you’re able to articulate the differences between SQL and No-SQL and how using either or both impacted the system.

4) You will be able to describe situations where good design trumped optimization

5) You can describe the importance of sync and async elements in a system

Kualifikasi :

– Male/Female
– Minimum 28 yrs for Senior
– Minimum 21 yrs for Junior
– Computer Science Degree

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

We are a data-driven marketing strategy & innovation firm for businesses that aim to grow exponentially.

The company provides service in consulting and business development, ranging from marketing strategy to customer acquisition. Catalyst Strategy keeps the best interest of each stakeholder in mind by delivering results that exceed expectations.

Catalyst Strategy has experience in various industries, providing a viable and boundless opportunities to work with clients from any background.