Lowongan Analyst & Consultant Staff PT. Visi Globalindo Data Utama

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PT VISI GLOBALINDO DATA UTAMA is a national consultancy firm providing the following services:
• Credit Status Report
• Market Research and Feasibility Studies
• Multi Client Studies

Email : recruitment@visiglobal.co.id
Lulusan Ekonomi / Akutansi

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

Diisi dengan tanggung jawab pekerjaan.
– Membuat laporan credit terhadap sebuah perusahaan yang sedang ditangani
– Mengestimasi Credit Rekomendasi
– Melakukan Investigasi kelayakan Perusahaan
– dll

Persyaratan Pengalaman :

Lulusan : Ekonomi atau Akuntansi (D3/S1)

Keahlian :

Diisi dengan keahlian yang dibutuhkan, contoh :
– Memiliki pemahaman tentang Ilmu Ekonomi persektor atau Laporan Keuangan
– Menguasai Microsoft Office
– Memiliki kamampuan Bahasa Inggris
– Dll

Kualifikasi :

Diisi dengan kualifikasi pekerjaan,
– Lulusan Ekonomi / Akutansi
– Wanita ( Belum Menikah)
– Usia 21 – 27 tahun
– Jujur dan teliti
– Pekerja Keras
– Gaji Menarik + Insentif (THP bisa mencapai Rp.5.000.000 keatas atau lebih)
– Dll

Profile Perusahaan

Deskripsi Perusahaan

PT VISI GLOBALINDO DATA UTAMA is a national consultancy firm providing the following services:
• Credit Status Report
• Market Research and Feasibility Studies
• Multi Client Studies

Credit Status Report

One major focus of VISI GLOBAL’s services is the preparation of Credit Status Reports. These reports are used extensively by major credit guarantee institutions in USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as trading houses, suppliers, banks, and the commercial sections of several foreign embassies in Indonesia.

The reports contain basic information on the companies investigated, including date of establishment, legal status, as well as business permits, lines of business, capitalization, sales turnover, investment, manpower, boards of management, supervisory boards and associated companies. Our reports also cover the business operations of companies, business prospects, financial status (particularly for public and some private companies), management ability and creditworthiness. Credit status reports convey, in concentrated form, a detailed picture of the company, or individual, with a particular focus on their business potential. The information provided is intended to assist clients in making important business decisions.

As we have researched and investigated in excess of 500,000 companies, our staff has extensive knowledge of the behavior of Indonesian companies, the interrelation among companies, and the actual situation and performance of these companies.

Market Research & Feasibility Studies

This area of expertise is also handled by VISI GLOBAL. Under special assignment, VISI GLOBAL prepares approximately 3 market research reports annually, industry profiles, and feasibility studies covering various subjects in different fields. We have extensive experience in conducting research in the following fields:
• The Food and Beverages Industry
• The Cosmetics Industry
• The Petrochemical Industry
• The Automotive Industry
• The Electronics Industry
• Etc.

Multi Client Research

Visi Global conducts multi-client research programs on major themes in various fields of the market, industry and general economic conditions. These major themes include market forecasts, evaluations of new technology and its marketability, proposals for establishing new business relationships, recommended marketing strategy and investment opportunities.

Visi Global is currently acting as an main suppliers data for International Research Company based in New York. During the past three years we have completed some 40 multi- client research programs in various fields. These include:
• The Electricity & High Transmission Industry
• The Automotive & Components Industry
• The Aviation Industry
• The Pulp & Paper Industry
• The Automobile Industry
• The Plywood Industry
• The Audio Video Industry
• The Telecommunication Industry
• The Retail Industry
• The Mining Industry
• The Oil & Gas Industry
• The Tire Industry
• The Crude Palm Oil Industry
• The Cigarettes Industry
• The Fertilizer Industry
• The Animal Feed Industry
• The Banking Industry
• The Sea Transportation Industry