Administrative Receptionist Officer KANGAROO INDONESIA

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Pendidikan :
Tipe Pekerjaan :

KANGAROO INDONESIA adalah perusahaan perwakilan dari KANGAROO INTERNATIONAL yang berpusat di Vetnam, Kangaroo telah hadir di 8 negara Asia, dan saat ini kami sedang berekspansi di Indonesia,

Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan :

-Responsible for the daily administrative operations for offices;
– Direct telephone exchange ;
– Management of office supplies (paper, printer cartridges, copier …);
– Subscribe to the pay office expenses monthly, quarterly;
– Arrange, organize and maintain filing system efficiency;
– Register hotels, airline tickets, fairs, and visas for employees, BOD,BOMs & Company, partners …
– Preparation and implementation of the service when there are meetings, seminars, training at the request of leaders.
– Receipt of records, documents, import, store, aggregate and provide the information office
– Receipt of records, documents, import, store, aggregate and provide the information office
– The HR: receipt recruitment, training, uniform, urging and supervising the implementation of regulations in accordance with the rules of the department staff, the implementation of social insurance, health insurance, labor regime Dong.
– Implement and monitor other administrative work: meeting rooms, offices car thing, timekeeping
– Supporting the work of other Manager ,Director: Recruitment, training, uniforms, Managing administrative work …
– Provide general support in the office for the department;
– Knowledge of personal income tax and wage laws.

– The track car and car routine maintenance, gas control and norms of administrative payment of parts
– Management of administrative records and archives as prescribed
– Fulfillment of the service events, festivals and activities such as the Kangaroo’s associated restaurant reservations, flowers
– Reception and management of the company as stipulated meeting
– Good performance fire prevention and fighting, safety and labor hygiene
– Perform other tasks and report upon arising or at the request of the department or Director

Persyaratan Pengalaman :

Pengalaman minimal 1 tahun

Keahlian :

– English – literate
– MS Office literate

Kualifikasi :

5. Education / qualifications
a . Graduated University / College Administrative majors, archives or related industries.
b. Over 3 years work experience related to administrative & receptionist work.
16. Knowledge and experience
a .Management and control of the provisions of the Law on Enterprises
b. Organization and operation of the Kangaroo Group, procedures, regulations / internal rules of the company.
C. Administrative management personnel.
17. Core Competencies
Asian. Computer Skills: Office Computing
b. Communication skills,
C. Organizational skills work.
d. Group skill.
H. Problem-solving skills
f. Decision-making skills

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PT. Surya Lancar Makmur adalah perusahaan perdagangan dan distribusi dari produk produk elektronik di jakarta.